Privacy Policy

Gowan Consulting gathers your email and contact information for the purpose of continuing to keep you updated on current events, research and best practice in the field of return to work and disability management.  We do not sell or distribute your contact information to any third parties.  You can choose to remove your information or unsubscribe from our newsletters or blogs at any time by emailing with the subject line Unsubscribe.

Our website is fully secure & protected, we have a valid SSL security certificate, all of your data will be kept confidential.

Gowan Consulting Privacy and service provision:

Providing the most effective and sustainable Return to Work (RTW) and Stay at Work (SAW) supports and Disability Management (DM) services is our mandate. Our mandate is founded in trust, communication, integrity and consistency.  Trust of the Employers and Employees with whom we collaborate. Open communication with all workplace and healthcare parties.   Demonstrating and expecting integrity, and consistently servicing our client’s needs with compassion, expertise and understanding.

It is our position that the RTW, SAW, and DM process is a shared responsibility between several key players including the Employer, the Employee, and the Employee’s medical team.  Each party contributes significantly to the safe and sustainable RTW, SAW and the DM of the Employee.

In providing our services Gowan Consulting has access to personal health information and corporate workplace information which is highly confidential.  We respect the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of this information and we promise to ensure that we uphold all privacy regulations and statutes in the jurisdiction that we provide service.

Our files are maintained electronically in a secure server with protection against access by anyone outside of Gowan Consulting.  We support strategies to communicate in a secure manner so that your information is protected from unwanted access.  Our consultants maintain all paper files in secure environments offsite from your workplace.

Personal health information or corporate information is never shared without express written consent.  In our service delivery process only functional information is shared with workplace parties in order to support sustainable stay at work strategies.  Any health or medical information is maintained within Gowan Consulting’s secure files.

Gowan Consulting utilizes subcontractors in many areas and these subcontractors have completed contracts that ensure that they maintain confidentiality and privacy standards as noted above.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact our privacy officer at with the subject line: Privacy Officer Inquiry