Gowan Consulting Results Speak For Themselves

Accommodation in the Workplace

Bank of Montreal

Objective assessment by Occupational Therapists and implementation of accommodations to allow employees to be successful in starting work, staying at work or returning to work following injury or illness.

Return to Work Planning and Support

City of Stratford, Research in Motion, Haldimand County, AGLC

Development of a corporate policies and procedures, manager and employee training and implementation of targeted return to work programs in each facility and reduction of health benefits and disability costs.

Mental Health Reactivation into the Workplace

Bell Canada

Full return to work success following implementation of a structured reactivation program after begin away from the workplace for over 5 years.

Ergonomics Solutions

NCR, Bell Canada, BMO, Patheon, Transamerica

Produced a return on investment of 300% through the reduction of repetitive strain injuries during the first year of a structured ergonomics program.  Over 1000 ergonomic assessments yearly to various organizations.

Accessibility Solutions

Fanshawe College, Random House, Pearson Canada,  BMO

Provided accessibility audits, assessments and support for AODA implementation.

Training and Corporate Development

City of London

Provided training and support for over 200 managers and 2000 employees in understanding and supporting mental health in the workplace.

Customized In house and Public

Workshops and Webinars for workplace support, RTW and accommodation

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