Work and Health

Welcome to Gowan Consulting, Canada’s leading national health and disability management company

Gowan Consulting is successfully helping top employers across Canada to ensure healthier workplaces that result in happier, more productive employees. We work today as we always have, with companies that truly care about their employees’ well-being.

Get the Best Workplace Health Solutions for your Employees

Our team of experienced professionals in ergonomics, mental health, disability and claims management will provide you with practical knowledge to ensure that you have met your due diligence in every situation.  You can expect objective advice to pay decisions, fitness for work decision making, accessibility, and timely sustainable return-to-work planning. Our solutions bring you improved employee productivity, cost savings in lowering lost time and sustainable solutions to reduce absenteeism.

Collaboration – The importance of working together in workplace health, safety and disability management

Gowan Consulting works with many of Canada’s top companies to support employees with solutions that enable them to stay at work or return to work. Our collaborative process will provide your employees with client-centred and business-centred return-to-work strategies and early intervention support. Let us focus on your legal due diligence, best practice employee workplace health solutions and sustainable return to work planning so that you can focus on the work that you do …running your business and building a culture of support for employee health and productivity.

The Gowan Approach

What sets Gowan Consulting apart is our sustainable, holistic approach – we help employees to be more productive with workplace health solutions that consider each employee as an individual and how they perform in the workplace and environment.

We do this by taking the time to understand the employee’s challenges and the work they do within the context of the business. We will provide you with systemic strategies and customized solutions that allow your business to thrive because your employees will thrive.

Our experts in ergonomics, disability management and occupational therapy will design effective long-term solutions for stay-at work and return-to-work plans, disability management, and accessibility planning.

“That’s our reputation in business – we have the passion to do the right thing to support employee success.”

Nancy Gowan, President, Gowan Consulting

Gowan’s Proven Process for Success

First we determine the barriers that are keeping people from doing their work.

We use a functional model rather than a medical model to design a solution that focuses on the help the person needs to do the job.

Gowan Consulting’s consultants really try to understand and make sure the person does well instead of just presenting cookie cutter solutions for a quick fix.

We’ll work closely with the employee, manager, union and all workplace stakeholders to give you the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Gowan Consulting is a trusted partner in sustainable workplace healthy, safety, disability and productivity management for hundreds of companies across Canada.

We know what our partners in human resources, disability management, and health and safety need to ensure their employees have a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

Our team is ready to share our expertise and practical knowledge, in French and English, and in every province in Canada, so that you will be prepared to make informed decisions in every situation; from advice to pay and fitness for work, claims, absenteeism, presenteeism, and mental health, to timely sustainable  stay-at-work and return-to-work planning.

Gowan Consulting is constantly evolving to provide workplace solutions that reflect the individual culture and needs of our clients’ diverse workplaces  in a rapidly shifting  marketplace. Our  educational programs give clients the opportunity to stay current so they can more effectively manage their disability and health and safety programs.

Your employees will benefit from Gowan’s extensive experience and balanced client-centred and business-centred approach in sustainable return-to-work and early intervention support solutions.

Having Gowan on your team will give you objective health and safety advice for added peace of mind.