Gowan Consulting uses a combination of current legal standards and industry best practices to ensure that you have an accessibility plan that meets not only today’s needs but those of the future.

Recruitment and retention of valuable human resources and customers continue to be a major factor in a company’s ability to maximize their full potential. Gowan Consulting will assist you in reducing barriers so you can increase your access to the talent pool and your market share.

Our accessibility auditing services will help you identify gaps in your accessibility standards within your business’ jurisdiction. Gowan Consulting has manageable and affordable solutions. We will work with your design team to identify accessibility standards for the future, and retrofits that provide access to the widest range of abilities.

Our Services

Accessibility Review and Coordination

Gowan Consulting will help you assess your current legal compliance (including the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, AODA, and any jurisdication across Canada) and develop an effective response to the regulations if required. By planning ahead you can report on your compliance in a timely manner to reduce your compliance penalties. 

Accessibility Audit

We can help you reach your accessibility goals with a multiyear plan for both the short and long term. Our comprehensive assessment of your corporation’s current accessibility in collaboration with your design team, will enable us to make recommendations to improve the universal design.

Accessibility Training

Gowan Consulting provides customized training for your employees and providers to ensure that you meet accessibility regulations in your jurisdiction.