Early Intervention and Sustainable Return to Work Planning

Our Results

Health Care Organization

All employees with more than three days of absence were assisted with early intervention contacts, development of recovery plans and sustainable return to work programs. See testimonials from employees, union representatives and employers.

Telecommunications Firm

Employees with complex medical and mental health conditions returned to work with a structured reactivation and return to work plan guided by an occupational therapist after a 2 year absence. The employee sustained her return to work without absences in the first year.

Financial Institution

Employees with disabilities entering the workforce were assisted with accommodation strategies and objective job match for successful recruitment and retention.

High Technology Firm

Policy and procedures were implemented with a comprehensive program for sustainable return to work and accommodation of individuals with disabilities.

Your Company

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Gowan Consulting provides support for recovery early when an employee is struggling with health and disability issues. This allows the employee to have the right services and an individualized process for sustainable return to work.

As a health and disability management company with extensive return-to-work experience, your employees will be provided with client-centred and business-centred return-to-work strategies and early intervention support.


Work is a part of recovery so making work possible is important to your employees’ and organization’s wellbeing.

Our team will provide you with the expertise and practical knowledge to ensure that you have met your due diligence in every situation. We will provide you with objective advice to pay decisions, fitness for work decision making and timely sustainable return-to-work planning. This will allow you to avoid undue hardship in the workplace and will give you peace of mind.

Our Services for Providing Early Intervention and Return to Work Planning

Policy and Procedure Consultation

Gowan Consulting will collaborate with your workplace stakeholders to implement legally compliant accommodation and return-to-work programs for work-related and non work-related absences, recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities. Our team of experts will assist you with the development of any policy related to health and safety, violence and harassment, attendance support and return to work.

Disability Claims Management

Your disability claims will be managed proactively by our team who will arrange to assess the individual and work to determine the appropriate advice to pay. This will be based on your policies, objective medical exam, functional information, and strategies to lead to productive and meaningful work. You’ll have access to medical advisors, claims management teams and return-to-work coordinators who will help you arrange a supportive but objective advice to pay program. By working closely with all workplace parties, we can help you to achieve a sustainable recovery and return-to-work process.

Early Intervention

Our offsite support model for early intervention and return-to-work planning provides you, the employer with objective management of the medical and return-to-work process. We will work collaboratively with the employee, health care team and employer to develop strategies to support sustainable return to work.

Return-to-Work (RTW) Facilitation Meeting

To develop a RTW plan that addresses medical and non-medical issues, and to ensure a safe and timely return to work we will arrange a meeting with a third party facilitator, the employee, employer and union.

Complex Return to Work Planning

Individuals who have been away from the work force due to complex health issues (mental health, physical function, safety strategies), will be assisted by our early intervention team to ensure a timely return to productive work.

Functional Return to Work and Accommodation Assessments

A comprehensive assessment of your employee’s physical, visual, cognitive & behavioural capabilities will determine their fitness for work. We will work together to prepare a sustainable return-to-work plan. Our multidisciplinary team will also ensure your employee is supported by health care providers.

Physical Demands Analysis / Visual Demands Analysis / Cognitive Demands Analysis

Gowan Consulting has developed evidence-based assessment methods to document the physical, visual and cognitive/behavioural demands of essential job duties for legal compliance and return-to-work planning. You can use these reports to assess job matches and for communication with health care providers.

Visual Ergonomic/Accommodation Workplace Assessments

Gowan Consulting ergonomic specialists can help employees who have visual impairment perform the work duties by making changes to the workstation or environment, or with tools and other accommodations. These solutions can be put in place after a comprehensive assessment of the work, workplace and employee.

Referral to Optometrists and Low Vision Specialists

If you need an optometrist or low-vision specialist with the expertise to do a comprehensive assessment of an employee’s vision, Gowan Consulting can help. We’ll connect you with a qualified specialist who can determine an individual’s visual ability in relation to a job’s requirements.

Pre-Placement Visual Screening

To ensure a healthy fit for employees working in more visually demanding positions, such as technology, quality, inspection, or precision manufacturing, Gowan Consulting can develop a preplacement vision screening process.

Training Programs

Gowan Consulting believes that transparency is key. We aim to deliver consistent training to all workplace parties to encourage effective buy in and support, and to ensure that all individuals are clear on the expectations and outcomes. Our customized training programs are geared for you and your business.

We regularly deliver training to Human Resources, Health and Safety, Managers, Supervisors, Union Representatives and Employees. Our training will give you the tools and framework you need to deliver and implement your program with consistency and efficiency, allowing you to focus on managing your business.