Collaborating with workplace parties for sustainable solutions to Improve Ergonomics

Gowan Consulting works closely with our workplace clients to design leading-edge ergonomic solutions that suit each employee’s needs, as well as complying with your industry’s regulations. Having access to the best ergonomics expertise in the industry also gives companies a competitive advantage when recruiting and retaining employees.

Our Ergonomics Services

Participatory Ergonomic Programs

Our ergonomic consultants collaborate with you to develop policies, program structure, and training for your team members to prevent musculoskeletal injury and ensure sustainable productivity improvements as well as legal compliance.

Virtual GoErgonomics Program

We make it easy for you to provide ergonomics education and support to your employees who work in virtual offices locally and across the country. From British Columbia to Nova Scotia and every province in between, your employees can stay healthy at work and keep absenteeism to a minimum with our comprehensive ergonomic educational and assessment process.

Ergonomic Risk Analysis and Workplace Assessments

Gowan Consulting’s team of ergonomic specialists  will perform a comprehensive assessment of the work, workplace and worker to determine the work-related risks by using  evidence-based assessments, tools and practical workplace solutions.  The resulting  report will be a helpful tool in determining how conditions are caused and can be prevented, and for setting priorities for ergonomic improvements.

Visual Ergonomic/Accommodation Workplace Assessments

Practical solutions for employees who have visual impairments are developed by our ergonomists by assessing the work, workplace and the worker. The ergonomist will prepare an accommodation for persons with disabilities process and recommend tools to improve visual performance for employees on the job.

Referral to Optometrists and Low Vision Specialists

Gowan Consulting can help you find a low-vision specialist or optometrist from our roster of vision professionals when a more in-depth assessment of an employee’s visual abilities and challenges is needed.  This will ensure a good match of the employee’s visual capabilities with the job requirements.

Pre placement visual screening

To ensure a healthy fit for employees working in more positions that require higher visual demands, such as those in technology, quality, inspection, or precision manufacturing, Gowan Consulting can develop a preplacement vision screening process.

Physical / Cognitive Demands Analysis

When you need to document the physical and cogntive/behavioural demands of essential job duties for legal compliance purposes and return-to-work planning, we can provide you with our evidence-based assessment reports. You can use these reports for assessing job matches and for communicating with health care providers.

Visual Demands Analysis (VDA)

Our ergonomists and optometrist work together to document the visual demands of the essential job duties for legal compliance, accommodation, preplacement and return to work planning.

Education and Injury Prevention Programs for employees

Prevention is key to a healthier workplace. Our practical educational sessions, customized ergonomic support, and stretching programs for your frontline employees will help to reduce their risk of injury on the job.

Office Ergonomics Lunch and Learn and Ergoblast

Gowan Consulting offers group Lunch and Learn and Ergoblast sessions when you have a number of employees in need of ergonomic advice. We begin with a one-hour training session about office ergonomics followed by individual workstation set up sessions for immediate improvements.

This is an efficient way to make sure all your employee’s ergonomic needs are equally met.

Ergonomic Training Programs

Your employees will benefit by having a colleague who is trained in our Train the Trainer program. They will learn essential ergonomic principles in our basic and advanced courses, putting them in a strong position to prevent musculoskeletal injuries among fellow employees. We train groups at our clients’ workplaces in the application of practical ergonomic risk analysis tools and implementation processes.