Work Focused Occupational Therapy Services

Our Results

Financial Institution

Employees who struggled with work performance were provided with comprehensive cognitive and behavioural assessments. The Occupational Therapist assessed the cognitive requirements of the job and provided practical strategies for success for employees to stay on the job. Employees were able to be successful on the job and managers were provided with strategies to support the employees in their day to day work.

Telecommunications Firm

Employees with complex medical and mental health conditions returned to work with a structured reactivation and return-to-work plan guided by the occupational therapist after a 2 year absence. The employee sustained return to work without absences in the first year and has continued to maintain her work performance.

Providing Work Focused Occupational Therapy Services

An Occupational therapist is a health professional who works collaboratively with workplace parties to support an employee who is returning to work or staying at work with physical, emotional, cognitive and workplace performance concerns. Gowan Consulting supports employees in learning the skills and tools to return to work successfully. Our occupational therapists understand the importance of having the right support to get back to the game of life at home and work.

Our Occupational Therapists across Canada provide the holistic assessment of the worker, the work and the workplace giving you and your employee a sustainable solution.

Our occupational therapists assess physical, cognitive, emotional and psychosocial factors that impact employee function and ability to stay at work or return to work.

Gowan’s occupational therapists provide employers and employees the opportunity to set goals and gradually resume work. Gowan Consulting works in collaboration with the employee’s health professionals to assess the employee’s current abilities so your employee can start a suitable recovery plan to return to work. Our occupational therapists create the bridge between work and health.

Comprehensive Situational Functional Assessment

Gowan Consulting’s occupational therapists will give you an objective assessment of your employee’s functional, physical and cognitive capabilities, and develop strategies to manage their functional abilities at the workplace. You’ll benefit from our situational functional assessment services which give a clear assessment of an employee’s capabilities, restrictions and their capacity to return to work safely with appropriate work adjustments.

The occupational therapist will measure your employee’s strengths and challenges using objective assesment techniques at your worksite. This will give you an accurate assessment of cognitive, behavioural, physical and psychosocial factors. This analysis will enable the occupational therapist to suggest more targeted intervention for the employee to improve safety, productivity or return to work.

Occupational Therapy Assessment

Once assessed by our occupational therapist, the employee will be presented with a strategy to return to productive and meaningful work. The strategy could involve intervention at the workplace or a reactivation approach giving the employee practical skills for accommodation or return-to-work planning.

Structured Mental and Physical Reactivation Programming

Our occupational therapists provide goal directed targeted physical and behavioural reactivation programming in the home and community to help employees return to work or other beneficial activities.

This structured programming is designed to assist employees from the time they are off work to when they successfuly return. Our strategies include goal setting, routine building, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness, exposure and anxiety management strategies.

Physical Demands Analysis/ Visual Demands Analysis / Cognitive Demands Analysis

Gowan Consulting has developed evidence-based assessment methods to document the physical, visual and cognitive/behavioural demands of the essential job duties for legal compliance and return-to-work planning. Our reports can be used for assessment of job matches and communication with health care providers.

Functional Cognitive Assessment

We will develop strategies to help manage cognitive concerns in the workplace by objectively assessing your employee’s functional cognitive capabilities. As certified providers of the powerful assessment tool, BrainFx, our occupational therapists will be able to get a clear picture of your employee’s strengths and challenges. This will help the employer and employee to implement more targeted work tools to improve work productivity.

Return to Work Preparation and Facilitation

When an employee has more complex functional barriers or has been away from the work force, our occupational therapists will help. They will collaborate with your workplace teams to develop and implement accommodations and sustainable return-to-work plans. A stakeholder meeting will be arranged for the employee, manager and workplace parties to plan the implementation and monitoring of the return-to-work program.  This is particularly helpful to break down workplace barriers to return to work.

Cognitive Strategies and Tools in the Workplace

Employees experiencing cognitive challenges can be assessed by Gowan Consulting’s occupational therapists who will then develop individualized strategies in collaboration with workplace stakeholders. The assessment and tools are designed to assist an employee with cognitive challenges that can affect their work performance. Gowan Consulting will also provide assistance with job coaching, training, and implementation of low and high technology solutions that will allow employees to be productive and effective in their job.

Accommodation Assessment and Implementation

Our occupational therapists are here to help you when you must meet legal compliance for your “duty to accommodate”. We will provide you with an objective and comprehensive assessment of your employee’s ability to perform the work tasks, and develop accommodation plans, in collaboration with your workplace teams.  We will also assess any reasonable accommodation strategies that can be put in place to allow the employee to meet productivity levels and carry out the essential job duties.

Visual Accommodation Workplace Assessments

Gowan Consulting’s workplace vision specialists will help your employees who have visual challenges by finding solutions to improve their abilities and work performance. Our therapists will provide recommendations such as changes to the work tools, work process, workstation and environment will help improve your employee’s safety and productivity.