Feedback On Occupational Therapy Sessions

“[Antonella Finateri] is absolutely wonderful. She is informative, supportive, gives me tips…and tells me how to improve things at my work. She does this all in a collegial and warm way. She took the time to Google different places for me to call [for COVID testing], which goes way above and beyond any job description she would have, because she knew I was very stressed out about that. I have to commend her and you are very lucky to have her working for you.”

Scotiabank Employee

Feedback On Manager Mental Health Training

“As a senior manager, this is the most persistent area of concern in our workplace during Covid. As such, I have attended at least 4 various sessions on Mental Health in the Workplace in the past 15 months. This one was head & shoulders the best, and I will be recommending it to my colleagues at the Human Resource Network of Ontario Libraries (HRNOL); I’m the chair, currently. ”

Wendy Hicks

Feedback On Crisis Fatigue and Mental Wellbeing

“I really liked what Nicolette just did! A great jumping off spot for our camp teams to discuss and the link to the SN material available to staff was seamless…a job well done!”

Cathy on Nicolette Gowan’s presentation for Science North

Feedback On Occupational Therapy Sessions

“Thank you!  Thank you for being there, helping me figure out things and getting me back on track.  I was in a place that I’ve never been before, and I was scared and uncomfortable.  I did not see an end.  But you were there to help me see that there was a better way; helping me through the up and down rollercoaster I was on. I’m very grateful for all the work and time you dedicated to me and my well-being.”

Employee of Telecommunications Company

Feedback On Accommodation Assessment

“Thank you very much for doing the assessment on me.

  • The various items including the chair that were recommended for me, after your assessment, are having tremendous impact on my health and well-being.
  • For the first time, I felt very comfortable working in front of the computer.
  • It increased my productivity as I get a lot more things done.
  • The cervical pain is still there but it does not feel as debilitating as when I started to experience it back in September/October last year.
    • The exercises you’ve given me (plus the regular physio treatment that I am undergoing) are helping me a lot.
  • My back has real support for the first time.  Something I’ve ignored over many years of working in the office and seating in chairs that were not ergonomically designed for me.
  • My legs are no longer hanging down my chair, thanks to the footrest.
  • The migraine headaches have eased quite a bit.
  • The light-headedness has diminished greatly.
  • I am sleeping better now.

Thank you to you and to everyone who have been helping me manage my work-related health challenge.”


Feedback On Occupational Therapy Job Coaching

“Just a quick thanks to the O.T.’s who have helped me coach these last three clients. All three clients are looking forward to what’s next! No more navel gazing, no more waiting for the axe, or Action Plans. They’re all focused into the future.  Thanks everyone. It was a rewarding past couple of weeks.”


Feedback On Occupational Therapy Case

“Overall I really liked your report formatting. I’m not sure if it’s specifically the assessor’s style or your report formatting, but it was very comprehensive and concise! I liked how the recommendations were explained, outlining the employee’s perceived challenges, how the strategies were used, and the outcome in a chart format. I also liked the communication with the manager and the outline of this communication in the report, again with the concerns, strategies used, and outcomes clearly outlined.”

Satisfied Client

Feedback On Marlene Morse (OT) – Return to Work Case

“I wanted to send this note since Thanksgiving……..simply because it is a time to reflect on all the things we are grateful for.  Though I did not send this note on Thanksgiving I certainly thought of you on that day as I reflected on all my blessings. The last few years have certainly challenged me in many ways. There were many dark moments and often I struggled to just get through the day. I have been fortunate because I have had many professions in my court to help me. However in saying that there is one person that always comes to mind and I refer to her as my ANGEL and that is YOU.  I don’t know if you realize how much your support has helped me move forward. I am back to work, and actually think I am contributing in a meaningful way. I am not sure this would have been the outcome had I not had your support every step of the way. I continue to work through some medical issues and they certainly challenge me on some days, knowing that you are there to help support me and sometimes “GROUND” me is by far the thing that keeps me moving forward. Thank You!”

Return to Work Client

Feedback On Mental Health and Return to Work Workshop

“The content of the workshop was really well structured in combination with the handouts that made it easy to follow and understand. It was as if I’m actually going through the process of being able to return someone to work with some tools at hand. And it made me aware of the areas that for sure need more in depth knowledge. It was also interesting to meet other professions that work in the same field as well as OTs from different referral backgrounds. It provided a glimpse of what this industry is all about the different perspectives of the return to work process and the possibilities within that field. I just wanted to let you know that I found it worthwhile for me.”

Manuela Lord – Occupational Therapist

Feedback On Accommodation Assessment and Intervention

“I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all your support on this file Denise.  This was an extremely successful outcome and the business and employee are very grateful.  Your support and expertise was sincerely appreciated.”

Nadine  – REED Group Case Manager

Feedback from Ergoblast Information Sessions

“Lindsay Cox was at our office last Friday (September 13) to conduct a 1-hour ergonomic information session plus 21 mini one-on-one sessions with staff at their workstation. I just had to write to you to let you know that Lindsay did an absolutely amazing job. She is a great presenter who brings a lot of practical/relatable information, she’s funny and tries to get everyone involved (we’re generally a pretty quiet group). Many staff commented to me that they really liked Lindsay, found her very knowledgeable and that they learned a lot not only during the group session but her advice during their individual session was especially beneficial.

We’ve had Lindsay at our office a few times and she’s always done a great job but this particular time I feel she went above and beyond. We had an unusually large number people sign up for the one-on-one sessions and Lindsay worked hard, really hard, to ensure each participant received her full attention. It was funny to see her whizzing up and down the corridors to get to her next appointment. We really appreciated Lindsay’s positive spirit and she clearly enjoys her work.”

Megan  – COU, HR Manager

Feedback On Applying Work Focused CBT to RTW Facilitation Program Presentation

“As always – I found great tools and insights to incorporate into my practice!”

Mary – Occupational Therapist

“Nancy has an amazing ability to provide information that is well explained, concise, memorable, and easy to apply. I have taken other courses on CBT and she has helped me to solidify my understanding of the concepts and ways to utilize it within the scope of Occupational Therapy. I took another course by her a few years back and the same rang true – she has such a deep understanding of the role of Occupational Therapy that it shines through any course she provides. It helped me to understand how to be a better OT in general.”

Leah T – Occupational Therapist

“Thank you for accommodating PSHSA with this session last week. Our team was very pleased with the training. ” PSHSA
“Thank you so much –  found the training very engaging!”
“It was great having Marlene come to Regina – we heard nothing but positive responses from the attendees [of the workshop]”

Occupational Therapists

Feedback on two of Marlene Morse’s Cognitive Demands Analysis Program Presentation

“Thank you so very much for facilitating the CDA course at PSHSA November 29 and 30th.  It was absolutely fantastic!  You’re a great facilitator and so knowledgeable with your wealth of experience.  I think this might have been one of my favourite courses ever!!”

Tegan S.

Feedback on Marlene Morse’s Cognitive Demands Analysis Program Presentation

“Nancy provided us with two full days on Mental Health and Return to Work. I appreciated her practical approach, guides and resources to support individuals in full recovery and return to work. Her case studies and other resources provided excellent ways to assess the work, worker and workplace prior to return to work for those who suffer from a mental health workplace injury. Thank you, Nancy.”

Joanne D.

Feedback on our Mental Health and Return to Work Workshop

“To make a long story short, I have been working with Lindsay to return to work after a long stint of being away.  When I first met her several months ago I was in a very bad place and could not even imagine returning to work.

From the very beginning Lindsay made it very clear that she was in my corner. Her upbeat attitude and never say quit demeanor worked wonders on me over time. Each and every time I met her for a session, I would feel better and better about myself.  She didn’t only successfully transition me back to work, she also helped me to feel better about who I am, and helped me to grow as a human being. I can’t say enough about her. I am so happy I was lucky enough to have Lindsay in my corner.

I wish that every office had the energy that seems to come from yours [Gowan Consulting].”

Ryan B. – Employee

Feedback on our Occupational Therapist, Lindsay Cox, with a Return to Work program

“Nancy Gowan brought forward excellent information and tools to assist us in the work we do. Nancy presented her information-rich workshop “Managing Employees in Distress – Tools to Support Emotional and Cognitive Concerns in the Workplace” at the June 2018 annual conference for Ontario Occupational Health Nurses. 96% of attendees said they could immediately apply what they learned from Nancy at their workplaces. The level and complexity of the workshop’s content exceeded attendee’s expectations with 95% saying they were satisfied/very satisfied with the learning experience Nancy delivered.

Shirley Wylie, RN, DOHS
Executive Director
Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association

Feedback on our workshops

Thank you for all the inspiration, nice graphics and proactive forward-thinking. What you do makes a difference.


Feedback on our social media posts

Much appreciated, attending the course has made me look at assessments from a different perspective, that I think is helpful in selecting the correct candidate for a job, identifying training opportunities and easy improvements to reduce the cognitive burden during task completion (particularly for someone brand new to a task) and also for accommodating someone with cognitive difficulties.  I look forward to an opportunity to join one of your courses in the future.

Ann Marie Burmeister

On Our Cognitive Demands Analysis Certificate Course.

Over the course of 2 days, the CDA certificate program effectively and efficiently enabled me to develop skills to be able to confidently perform and generate an objective CDA. I have taken both the CDA and CBT courses and have found them to be thought-provoking, applicable, challenging and relevant to better assist in RTW cases.

Krystle E.

On her experience with our Cognitive Demands Analysis Workshop

I was satisfied, very professional and clear communication. I would recommend your services and use you in the future. This process was very easy and convenient – your team has good response time as well!

D.P. – Manager

On an Ergonomic Assessment completed for one of his employees.

I sincerely appreciate the follow-ups as well as the education and empathy throughout this process. It was quite the pleasure getting to work with you.


-on their Ergonomic Assessment completed by our Occupational Therapist, Marlene Morse.